Coppergate Consultants
We have a simple principle when it comes to speaking and dealing with all of our clients; Honesty and integrity. We understand that your time is important. You do not deserve to have your time wasted by a consultancy trying to offer you something you do not want or do not need. Coppergate aims to provide a service that enable clients to develop their business through careful, thorough and professional staff selection. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients and in the work we undertake on behalf of those clients. We are committed to your business - we focus on understanding your needs and your business whilst building sound relationships. We believe strongly that people are an organization’s most valuable asset. Accordingly, we actively consult with our clients to ensure a thorough understanding of the assignment prior to proceeding. We then advise on all aspects relating to the position such as remuneration, benefits, responsibilities and advertising.
Over 90 percent of our candidates have dealt with us before and remain in touch thereafter, in many cases people have been in contact with us for years. This shows that we are trusted to deliver the right opportunities to the best people. We have managed the careers of many people from early qualification through to senior management. levels - our market knowledge is simply unrivalled. Your choice of consultancies is quite staggering - it is pure business and common sense to place your career in the hands of an organization that actually listens and takes the time to understand what you are looking for. Your next move as a candidate is always the most important for your career; we make sure that we deliver all of our promises to you.
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